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Watch: Tomi demolishes liberal hypocrisy after Samantha Bee given pass for mocking cancer patient
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Watch: Tomi demolishes liberal hypocrisy after Samantha Bee given pass for mocking cancer patient

Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren blasted the double standard that exists for liberals and conservatives during an appearance on Fox News Friday night while battling Democratic strategist Jessica Tarlov.

Lahren's comments came during a segment on "Hannity" Friday when the trio were discussing the controversy surrounding comedian Samantha Bee, who unknowingly mocked a 20-year-old cancer patient for having "Nazi hair" in a recent segment on her show.

Bee later apologized, but Lahren noted that the outrage over the incident is much less because Bee is a liberal. If it was a conservative who made the comments, Lahren said people would have likely called for them to be fired.

"Do you think if this was a conservative host, even a conservative comedian host, do you think that the left would've called for them to step down, or called for them to resign?" Lahren challenged.

Tarlov responded by saying that she and others on the left have called on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to step down from his radio program after he called former first lady Michelle Obama a "tranny" last year.

Hannity added to the conversation:

What Tomi is pointing out is a real clear and present danger for all conservatives. There are groups that monitor, and I know who they are, in their underwear, total losers in life, that monitor three hours of my radio show, an hour of TV in the hopes that I say one word, one phrase, one sentence wrong, no chance to apologize even if it was an honest mistake in the hopes that they can target my advertisers and silence us.

Lahren confirmed that the lack of outrage and undermining of Bee proves the "hypocrisy of the left."

"This is about throwing around the term 'Nazi' and 'fascist.' Those are pretty heavy labels to throw around," Lahren said, while again noting that liberals get away with those tough criticisms, while conservatives do not.

Watch the full segment below:

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