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Dana Loesch leaves George Takei in warp-drive dust after he mocks Pence's marriage stance

After seeing George Takei's Twitter post on Vice President Mike Pence's marriage stance, TheBlaze's Dana Loesch gave Takei a piece of his own medicine. (Compositie Image Source: Dana Loesch by TheBlaze; George Takei by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Outspoken liberal George Takei — he of the original "Star Trek" cast — isn't shy about sharing his left-wing views on social media.

Not surprisingly, Takei took to Twitter on Friday to join what's become the popular mockery talking point of the week — making fun of Republican Vice President Mike Pence for his marriage stance of not eating meals alone with other women.

But Sulu made a boo boo — because TheBlaze's Dana Loesch caught wind of his slight and promptly left Takei to wallow in some warp-drive dust.


Takei is gay, a well-known proponent of gay marriage and LGBT rights — and has been known to verbally dismantle those he dislikes while his social media followers cheer him on.

Getting a taste of your own medicine is rarely sweet.

(H/T: Twitchy)

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