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Jedediah Bila defends Mike Pence's marriage from liberal co-hosts on 'The View

Conservative commentator Jedediah Bila defended Vice President Mike Pence from critics of the rules he follows to maintain the sanctity of his marriage. Image Source: YouTube.

The liberal co-hosts on "The View" were not impressed with the news of the decisions Vice President Mike Pence has made in order to maintain the dignity owed to his marriage, but Jedediah Bila fought back against the mostly negative onslaught. Co-host Sunny Hostin also offered some defense of the vice president in the segment that aired Friday.

"I have sad news for Vice President Mike Pence groupies out there," Joy Behar announced. "All two of you, where are they?"

"Apparently he won't go out to dinner with a woman," she continued, "unless his wife Karen is with him too. And he won't attend any event where booze is served without her either. Now what is he afraid of?"

"No, it's that near temptation of sin that I talk about all the time," Sunny Hostin objected. "I mean I think he's a man of faith. And what good is gonna happen having dinner with another woman where booze is flowing? I think it's a sign of respect."

"It kinda rules people out because I have guy friends," Sarah Haines interjected, "and like uh, I mean Max and I talk before I go out with them, but like, I have some really dear friends that happen to be guys. And like, we hang out, I don't think it's dinner without wine, and so there's gonna be booze. But we just chill. And I feel like it narrows you if you can't have any male friends."

"I'm with you," guest Alex Rodriguez agreed. "I'm with you Sarah, because I think if you have crystal clear communications, and you set the perimeters, and you say, 'here's what I'm gonna do, here's how I'm getting home,' I don't think you should be able to discriminate."

Behar added that it was unfair because it didn't allow women to network with Pence the same way, or amount, that a man would.

"That's different though, you have to remember, first of all he's in politics, in one of the sleaziest towns in the country," Jedediah Bila tossed in, "D.C. is one of the sleaziest towns, you walk into these bars, you see tons of inappropriate behavior. He can work with other women, I think what he's saying is that if you're looking to get ahead, I'm the Vice President, everyone is on a power trip in D.C. You're looking to get ahead, and you're gonna try to schmooze me, and you're gonna walk into a bar and you think you're gonna drink it up and take some inappropriate picture of me and send it out there. Or try to get something from me, that's not gonna happen."

"He's putting his wife front and center," Jedediah concluded, "and he's saying 'this is what I'm about, this is what I stand for.'"

Haines kept objecting on the basis of networking not being fairly distributed.

"You girls are suspicious of your men is what I think," Behar accused, to some applause.

"I think it's a sign of respect," Hostin added.

Liberals have criticized Pence for his marital choices on many different fronts, including saying that it might be illegal discrimination on the basis of sex, and that it added to "rape culture." Conservatives have been far more tolerant of Pence's marital choices.

Stephen Colbert also mocked Pence for his traditional marriage beliefs.

The Blaze's Dana Loesch had a great comeback to actor George Takei attempting to criticize Pence too.

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