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Watch: Mike Pence hilariously trolls liberals & the media with quip about his wife's dinner plans

Vice President Mike Pence makes a quip about his wife, second lady Karen Pence, at an event in Ohio. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

In light of recent outrage from liberals and the mainstream media, Vice President Mike Pence joked Saturday during a speech in Ohio that his wife couldn't be there because she had dinner plans.

"Speaking of my wife Karen, she's really sorry she couldn't be with us today, she already had dinner plans," Pence said.

The quip follows outrage from the Left after the Washington Post profiled second lady Karen Pence this week. The profile described the Pence's very close and tight marriage, including the fact that Karen is almost always at her husband's side and that they make all major decisions together.

Following the profile, comments that Pence made in 2002 to The Hill resurfaced where he explained that he will not dine privately with another woman or attend an event with alcohol without his wife. Pence explained that he's taken these measures to honor his wife and marriage and safeguard the covenant he and his wife have.

Subsequently, liberals — and some Republicans, too — bashed Pence for being "sexist" because he chooses to not dine alone with other women. Liberals said Pence's life rules prevent women from working for him, which was categorically proven false.

One liberal outlet even accused Pence of potentially making an illegal choice.

Still, that hasn't stopped even President Donald Trump from making light of the situation. On Friday, Trump said that Pence "has one hell of a good marriage going" at an executive order signing ceremony.

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