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Trump has great news for conservatives about the future of the Supreme Court: report

Sources say President Donald Trump believes he will be able to nominate four more justices to the Supreme Court. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump believes the potential exists for him to nominate four more Supreme Court justices by the end of his tenure in the White House

According to sources who spoke with the Washington Examiner, Trump has told his team that he expects to nominate five Supreme Court justices — including the newly confirmed Neil Gorsuch — to the high court over the four, or potentially eight, years.

"He expects to name five to the court," said one source.

If Trump were able to nominate a majority of the court, it wouldn't be the first time in history. Former Presidents George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, William Taft, Franklin Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower were also able to do the same during their presidencies.

It wasn't clear who Trump thought would leave the court during his presidency.

It appears that at least three of the justices who stand the greatest chance of leaving the court over the next four years include two of the court's liberal justices — 84-year-old Ruth Bader Ginsburg and 78-year-old Stephen Breyer — and the court's moderate justice, 80-year-old Anthony Kennedy.

If Trump's idea comes to fruition, he likely won't find much trouble getting his justices confirmed to the court, given the precedent set this week of confirming a Supreme Court judge with just a simple majority vote.

The source also didn't indicate who Trump planned to nominate next, but his campaign did release a list of 21 lower court justices who Trump would consider for any Supreme Court vacancy. William Pryor, Thomas Hardiman and Gorsuch were the top contenders for the recent vacant seat. Gorsuch, of course, secured the nomination.

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