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Liberal Michael Moore: 'Can a simple movie ... bring down a sitting president of the United States?

Filmmaker Michael Moore is ready to take action against President Donald Trump beyond his social media protests. "I think I need to make a movie," he wrote. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore's disdain for Republican President Donald Trump is no secret.

Moore has been on a very public warpath against Trump, commencing during the presidential campaign and continuing apace after Trump's election and inauguration.

As part of his "Easter Dinner Reflections" posted to Facebook Sunday, Moore lamented the state of Trump's America: "It's all happening so fast — the daily dismantling of sections of our government, bombing Syria, threatening war on nuclear North Korea, allowing states to defund Planned Parenthood, eliminating all programs to fight climate, and now trying to turn the Supreme Court into a right-wing junta for the next 40 years."

But it sounds like Moore is primed to take action against Trump beyond his social media protests.

"I think I need to make a movie," he wrote.

Moore revealed that "for the past few weeks, I've been on fire. Not the 'strike-a-match-and-set-myself-on-fire' kind of fire. I mean the one where your mind just explodes with ideas, with creativity, with a sort of gleeful mad energy and you just can't stop. That fire that gets lit under you when you no longer have any other choice."

More from Moore:

A crazy thought enters your mind: "Can a simple movie actually bring down a sitting president of the United States?" Can an urgent, funny TV series meant to reach the people who watch wrestling and the shopping channels actually move them to a better place? Can I go somewhere where I can just walk out and say whatever the eff I want and suddenly some citizens might be moved to peacefully, legally take him down ... and take him down NOW?

Does that mean another "Fahrenheit 9/11" or "Bowling for Columbine" is on the horizon? Perhaps.

Moore sounds like he's ready.

"Maybe I'm going to go do what I do for a living and do MORE of it," he said, "because I believe art and humor and all of us unleashing every ounce of creativity we have within us is what's going to stop this insanity."

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