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Watch: The brutal beating of a 23-year-old Detroit man recorded on Facebook Live

The brutal beating of several men in Detroit is recorded on Facebook Live. Police are now searching for the culprits. (Image: Fox 2)

A viral video that was originally recorded on Facebook Live has begun circulating showing the brutal beating of a Detroit man by a group of attackers that occurred on Easter Sunday.

23-year-old Brandon Putnam was celebrating his birthday with his cousins at Greektown Casino. Putnam and his cousins were then ambushed by several men who began pummeling them viciously. At one point, Putnam falls to the ground and remains motionless. Several people descend upon him, and begin to pummel Putnam with their fists. One of his attackers is seen stomping on his face.

Bystanders in the video are seen laughing and egging the fight on. No one attempts to stop the beating until one man in red steps over Putnam and holds his arms out in an attempt to stop the violence.

According to Fox 2 Putnam's sister, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that her brother is currently being Detroit Receiving Hospital for a fractured skull and internal bleeding. Putnam's cousins are also being treated, but have apparently suffered far less than Putnam himself.

“I was hurt to my soul that you would still keep hitting somebody that is unconscious and you kicked him in his face,” she said.

The following video contains graphic scenes of violence. 

According to Detroit News, Detroit Police Chief James Craig has stated "We know who you are, so turn yourselves in and we'll work with you."

"We have images of the vehicles, but also license plate numbers," Craig said. "In a matter of hours, we will have (the suspects') identification."

Two of the three vehicles are registered outside of Detroit, one of them in Canton, and one is a rental, Craig said.

"It's not going to be difficult to identify you," Craig said in remarks addressed to the suspects.

Craig has also said that those who film these incidents for people's amusement on Facebook live could also be facing trouble of their own.

"If you think you're going to go (on) Facebook Live, if you think we don't have cameras all over Detroit ... we are going to identify you," Craig said.

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