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Taxpayer-funded public college selects Sharia law advocate to give commencement address: ‘It’s nuts’

The City University of New York’s Graduate School of Public Health has announced that its commencement speaker on June 1 will be Linda Sarsour, a controversial supporter of Sharia law and Palestine. (Image source: WCBS-TV screen cap)

The City University of New York’s Graduate School of Public Health has announced its commencement speaker will be a controversial supporter of Sharia law and Palestine.

According to a report by WCBS-TV, CUNY’s public health graduate school has chosen Linda Sarsour to give its commencement speech on June 1.

Democratic Party state Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who represents Brooklyn, says “it’s nuts” that a taxpayer-funded college would feature the radical Sarsour.

“I mean, it’s just nuts. It makes no sense. It’s crazy to have this woman be the person who’s going to speak to the students,” Hikind said to WCBS.

Hikind also said Sarsour supports “radical Islamists.”

“She is someone who associates with radical Islamists; supports them; shows support for them. She is someone who has said, clearly, she thinks throwing rocks at cars in Israel is a good thing,” Hikind said.

Sarsour has frequently criticized Israel and has called Sharia law “reasonable” and has said “it makes a lot of sense.”

“@LaRebelleFleur shariah law [sic] is reasonable and once u read into the details it makes a lot of sense. People just know the basics,”  Sarsour wrote on Twitter in 2011.

“Sharia Law is misunderstood & has been pushed as some evil Muslim agenda. Some Muslims r [sic] oppressors for sure,” Sarsour wrote in 2016.

On Saturday, Sarsour shared an article on Twitter she called an “Important read” that accuses the Trump administration of being “anti-Muslim.”

According to the article, titled “White Hate in the White House: Anti-Muslim Buzz Words that Swept Trump to Power,” “We can expect a war-mongering administration with a desire to drop bombs on Iran (to the rejoicing of weapons companies), the continued targeting, dehumanising, [sic] and othering of Muslims, coupled with a deep and all-encompassing surveillance of the community.”

“We will most likely see some sort of Muslim registry system, deportations and arrests,” the article continues. “The administration and its media wing will slander any and all who dare criticise [sic] it.”

The author concludes, “Far-right nationalism has found a friend in Donald Trump and, with [Steve] Bannon and company at the controls, the administration will continue to lock and load the guns of white supremacy.”

Sarsour tweeted in 2015 a picture of a boy getting ready to throw rocks at Israeli soldiers, calling it the “definition of courage.”

Is this really the kind of person a public college should be empowering and promoting?

(H/T: Fox News Insider)

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