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Christian widow stuns TV host when she forgives ISIS terrorist who killed her husband

Egypt’s ONTV host Amr Adeeb was reportedly stunned into silence after witnessing a Coptic Christian forgive the Islamic State terrorist who killed her husband during the Palm Sunday bombings in Egyptian churches. (Image source: The Bible Society of Egypt/Vimeo)

“Egyptian Christians are made of steel.”

Those are the words Amr Adeeb, host of Egypt’s ONTV, reportedly uttered after a 10-second pause following one Coptic Christian’s surprising willingness to forgive the Islamic State terrorist who killed her husband during the Palm Sunday bombings that targeted two Egyptian churches earlier this month.

The comments from Samira Fahmi, whose husband Naseem Fahmi died intercepting one of the suicide bombers at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Alexandria, Egypt, clearly impacted Adeeb.

“I ask the Lord to forgive them and let them try to think,” Samira Fahmi said, according to the World Watch Monitor. “If they think, they will know that we didn’t do anything wrong to them.”

“May God forgive you, and we also forgive you,” she continued. “Believe me, we forgive you. You put my husband in a place I couldn’t have dreamed of. Believe me, I am proud of him. And I wish I was there beside him.”

In response to the powerful display of charity, Adeeb lavished praise on Samira Fahmi, along with Egyptian Christians as a whole.

“Egyptian Christians are made of steel,” the host said, based on a translation offered by the Bible Society of Egypt. “Egyptian Christians for hundreds of years are bearing many atrocities and disasters. The Egyptian Christian deeply loves his country. … How great is this amount of forgiveness you have?”

“If your enemy knew how much forgiveness you have for them, he would not believe it," he continued. "… These people have so much forgiveness. … These people are made from a different substance.”

That “different substance,” Christians would argue, is the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

On Palm Sunday, the weekend before Easter, Naseem Fahmi was tasked with protecting Coptic Pope Tawardos, according to Open Doors, a nonprofit organization advocating for persecuting Christians around the world.

“When we talked about this one day, he said he would be willing to defend the church with his own blood,” Samira Fahmi said at the time. “Last Sunday, he did.”

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