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Killology' expert tells NRA that more guns are needed to fight 'assassination generation

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Retired West Point professor Lt. Col. Dave Grossman told NRA meeting attendees that the only way to combat a generation raised to kill is more guns.

Grossman, who penned a book titled, "Assassination Generation: Video Games, Aggression and the Psychology of Killing," considers himself an expert in "killology," and told the crowd gathered at the NRA's annual meeting that the only way to combat the up-and-coming generation of "vicious" killers is to nip the problem in the bud at home.

"Can anyone deny that we've raised the most vicious generation of killers the world has ever seen?” Grossman asked the audience."They've given us crimes that children have never dreamed of. They'll give us crimes as adults in our darkest nightmares we never imagined."

Crediting mass shootings and senseless violence to the "sickest movies" and "sickest video games," Grossman said, "The one factor the killers have in common: every one of them dropped out of life and immersed themselves in the sickest movies and the sickest video games. The guns have always been there. The sick movies and the sick video games are creating sick, sick kids."

In Grossman's book, the retired professor also touched upon his sentiments of childhood corruption through the media and entertainment.

He also said that the United States is seeing a level of killings that haven't been seen since the Civil War.

Grossman told the audience that the National Rifle Association was never so badly needed in history as a result of this "assassination generation."

"We have never needed you and the NRA like we need you now," he pleaded.

"Believe in who you are, believe in what you do, and fight with all of your heart and all of your might and all of your soul and all of your money to defeat any politician who wants to turn us into one of those nations," he said, referring to countries with anti-gun laws.

About those nations, Grossman added that "places with the rigid gun laws have seen the most horrendous massacres."

Invoking school shootings like Columbine High School, Grossman later asked, "Can we take the lessons learned in Columbine and Jonesboro or Virginia Tech? Can we take the lessons learned on 9/11, Pulse Nightclub in Orlando? Or do we have to wait until our kids die? Do we have to wait until our friends die to take action?"

Grossman's solution, instead of waiting, was more guns.

"There has never been a multiple homicide in a school when there was somebody in the building who could shoot back," he said.

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