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Kellyanne Conway brutally mocks Hillary Clinton's obsession with winning the popular vote

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway mocked Hillary Clinton's inability to accept responsibility for her election loss. Image Source: YouTube.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway mocked Hillary Clinton's recent comments explaining her responsibility in the 2016 election loss. Conway appeared on Fox News Wednesday with Sean Hannity to discuss the election.

Hannity asked Conway if it was merely arrogance that lost Hillary in November. "It was many things," Conway explained, "but we also had a better candidate, better message, better campaign, better strategy and I think just more self-awareness overall, but I do want to push back on something Hillary said. She said that she was winning if the election were on October 27th, that's actually not true if you look at the Real Clear Politics aggregate, and I did today, in the six states that went for Obama in 2012 but Trump 2016, Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa."

"You look at these states," she explained. "Her numbers actually stay the same or in fact improved from the October 27th, to the aggregate that was taken November 5th, of course the election was November 8th. What happened was Donald Trump continued with his strategy of going and connecting with voters doing these 7-8 rallies a day towards the end."

"Sure we had a fraction of the money," she continued, "a fraction of the staff, we had a much better candidate and an actual economic message for working class America."

"And what happened is the undercover Trump voter that I started talking about last July under a hail of criticism," Conway added, "was real, people came out for him in the end. They wanted to vote for change, they wanted to vote against stale policies, they did not want a third term of [former President] Barack Obama. And to the extent that Hillary Clinton had hidden voters, they're still hidden."

"Even when yesterday," she continued, "I mean the lack of self awareness was stunning, the idea that she ignored Wisconsin meant that Wisconsin ended up ignoring her. And the idea that she yet again mentioned, 'I won the popular vote.' You know what the prize is for that? The participation trophy is second place."

Hannity and Conway were referring to former Obama aide David Axelrod criticizing Hillary for being unable to take responsibility for the devastating election failure that jeopardized former President Obama's legacy. Clinton has been roundly mocked for a recent interview where she says she takes complete personal responsibility for the loss, but then goes on to blame several outside factors outside her control.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) blamed the economic message of the Democrats for the election, saying that they have abandoned the working class, a frequent criticism from the progressive wing of the party.

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