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Parents outraged after school police allegedly handcuffed and tased a 7-year-old special needs child

A 7-year-old special needs boy was handcuffed and tased at school after an emotional outburst. School police then transported the child in handcuffs to a mental health facility without his mother's consent. (Thomas Samson/AFP/Getty Images)

A 7-year-old special needs student in Dallas was handcuffed, tased, and left with bruises after an emotional outburst in class last week.

Yosio Lopez, who is diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder along with another mood disorder, began banging his head against a wall in class, according to investigator David Ramirez, who was hired by the family. Yosio's school aide was not present to defuse the situation, so administrators at Gabe P. Allen Elementary School called school district police to handle the situation, Ramirez told CNN.

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