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Alec Baldwin says he 'talked to God' — and the Lord gave him a command about Trump

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Actor Alec Baldwin has re-taken center stage in the celebrity-verse since he started impersonating Republican President Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live."

Lampooning the president on a weekly basis doesn't likely demand a big dose of method acting given Baldwin's far-left political views and his known distaste for Trump — it's more akin to art, such as it is, imitating life.

Now Baldwin is bringing God into the political picture.

Posting on his Alec Baldwin Foundation Twitter page, the actor shared Thursday that he "talked to God today. He told me he wants us to impeach Trump."

Baldwin was indeed raised Catholic, so the idea of communicating with the Almighty isn't likely a foreign concept to him.

But as to the veracity of his claim that God said we should impeach Trump? While quite a few followers loved it, let's hear from folks who called Baldwin's declaration into question:

Then a Twitter user brought up some non-"SNL" video of Baldwin:

Apparently the observation wasn't appreciated very much. The response back from Baldwin was "you are full of s**t."

(H/T: Young Conservatives)

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