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Ann Coulter: Donald Trump could be impeached

Image source: TheBlaze

Ann Coulter told Fox Business' Stuart Varney on Monday that if President Donald Trump doesn't keep his promises, impeachment could well be on the horizon.

Varney noted that Coulter had "lately been down on Trump," referring to her recent blog posts blasting the president his lack of action on building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Coulter stated in a recent interview that she was close to jumping ship on the president.

"The attacks on Trump keep bringing me back to defend him every time we want to be mad at him," she began. "We voted for a wall, for enforcement of our immigration laws, for not being the world's policemen, for ending NAFTA. Unfortunately we're not getting what we voted for, but secondly it's preposterous because, I mean, to blame the quote 'chaos' on Trump himself, no — he's being viciously, violently attacked because he took on both political parties."

Varney then took aim at Coulter's recent criticisms of the president.

"Do you blame Trump himself for some of the tweets he's put out?" Varney asked, "And some of the things that he's said, almost, off the cuff — you're critical of that, I take it."

Smiling, Coulter disagreed and said, "No, I love the tweets. Almost everything that everyone else dislikes about Trump are what I consider his strong points. I love his tweets, it's how he defends himself."

Insinuating that Trump is the people's president — for the people, and not "Wall Street" or "elites" — Coulter added that Trump "was the only candidate who was going to put Americans first."

She did, however, insist that she wants him to "get back to his campaign promises," which include funding for the Mexico-U.S. wall and tighter immigration law.

Once again defending Trump's propensity toward Twitter, Coulter said, "I love his 3 AM tweets; I think they're hilarious."

Varney then turned the question back to political turmoil, and brought the media into the fray, noting that he feels the mainstream media will never give Trump a break.

"Do you think, though, that the media at this point is winning?" Varney asked.

Pausing for a moment, Coulter answered, "I don't think they have as much power they did as when the took out Nixon, so part of their rage is that they're losing their power because of the internet. ... I don't think they will ever stop, and I hope Trump notices that if he doesn’t keep his promises, Republicans will be wiped out in the midterm elections, Democrats will have the House of Representatives, and they absolutely will impeach him."

"The left-wing base is just obsessed with that, so Trump better keep his promises," she added.

Reiterating that she wants campaign trail Trump, Coulter said, "[Trump] was supposed to go down and be a bull in a china shop. We're still waiting for the bull in the china shop."

"That's what we want," she concluded.

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