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Watch: Maxine Waters has an epic 'impeachment' meltdown, verbally attacks conservative voter

Image source: TheBlaze

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters (Calif.) verbally clashed with one of her California constituents over the holiday weekend, and video of the encounter has been posted online.

On Monday, YouTube user Melani Bell, who says she is a Waters constituent, uploaded the video featuring the congresswoman lashing out as Bell attempts to find out why Waters has taken such great issue with President Donald Trump since his victory in November.

Explaining that she'd been trying to set up an appointment with Waters, Bell — who remains unseen in the video — noted that she had been unsuccessful in her attempts and claimed that she'd reached out both on the phone and email.

Waters responded, "You're one of 700,000," as the woman turned her questions from scheduling conflicts to Waters' lack of support for the president.

"Tell me what you want to talk about," the 78-year-old Waters told the woman.

Bell responded, "I just want to talk about your position — representation — in Washington and about our president, as well—"

Waters then began ranting about Trump.

"I can't stand him," Waters said. "He's the most horrible man I've ever seen in my life."

The woman replied that she loves her president, but Waters continued to fire back, and the conversation went downhill from there.

"I'm glad you do," Waters said.

The woman said that she wanted to know why Waters, with her opposition to the president, was not representing Bell appropriately in Washington.

"The president is a dishonorable, lying man," Waters answered. "He mocked a journalist — I've never seen a grown man do that. He talked about grabbing women by the private parts. He lies every day. He's in bed with [Russia President Vladimir] Putin and the Russians about oil. And everybody around him allies with the Kremlin and the oligarchs of Russia. They're gonna take us down."

The woman, undeterred in her defense of the president, said, "You mentioned comments about him being a liar, and grabbing a woman's p***y — which I don't think he ever did."

During the woman's comments, Waters continually interrupted and defended her own anti-Trump position.

"What grown man talks like that?" Waters asked, apparently fired up.

Bell referred to former President Bill Clinton in what seemed like an attempt to discuss the former president's sexual liaisons in the White House while president, but Waters refused to discuss Clinton.

"I don't care about Clinton," she yelled. "Listen, I'm gonna work every day till I get [Trump] impeached."

Bell responded, "I'm going to work every day to make sure he isn't, and that you're impeached."

To which Waters replied, "You cannot impeach a member in Congress!"

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