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Overlooked loophole allows Mexican businessman to mock Trump with this product

A Mexican businessman is using a legal loophole to mock President Donald Trump by marketing Trump toilet paper and giving 30 percent of the proceeds to help those deported through his policies. (Michael Reynolds/Getty Images)

A loophole that failed to cover the trademarking of "hygiene paper" in Mexico is allowing a businessman to make a statement against President Donald Trump because of what he says was an insult to the people of our neighbor to the South.

While the Trump company trademarked many sectors in Mexican industry, they neglected to register for toilet paper.

Corporate lawyer Antonio Battaglia took the loophole opportunity to manufacture Trump brand toilet paper as a way to hit back at the president over his policies and statements that relate to Mexican nationals and immigrants.

“I was very annoyed and I started looking for a way to do something that had an impact, not in a tone of mockery or bad revenge, but in a positive way,” Battaglia told Expansión.

“I tried to register a brand of clothing or footwear, because my family is dedicated to the production of shoes, and there I thought it was a possibility, but the ‘Trump’ brand was already registered," he explained. "Then came the idea of producing a toilet paper, a product that was ironic and that remained in the market for a good time."

The packaging has witticisms with double meaning, such as "suavidad sin fronteras," which translates to "softness without borders," and "puro rollo," which translates to "pure rolls," but also could mean "pure nonsense."

A Twitter account appearing to be Battaglia's retweeted a video of the product in Spanish.

Battaglia plans to produce a limited amount of the toilet paper to raise interest and demand, and says he will donate 30 percent of the profits to help those who are deported by the Trump administration to Mexico.

The Associated Press said a lawyer for the Trump corporation did not respond to a request for comment.

Of course, Battaglia isn't the first Trump critic to think of the idea — Chinese manufacturers have been selling the product with different facial expressions since the election.

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