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Antifa website promotes violence against Trump supporters, says capitalism causes death

An Antifa website is promoting violence against Trump supporters, justifying it by comparing Trump supporters to Nazis. (Getty Images)

An Antifa (anti-fascist) website called "It's Going Down" is calling for physical violence against those who support President Donald Trump according to Fox News.

In April, ItsGoingDown.org posted a picture of a man wearing a red "Make America Great Again" hat raising his arms in surrender as he is being threatened by a bayonet. In the background of the photo, a Nazi soldier is being threatened by a bayonet, holding his arms up in the same manner.

According to Fox News' Elisabeth Hasselback, the Antifa site "justifies violence as not only good but necessary to the survival of minorities and the disenfranchised."

The site also offers downloadable .pdf documents that contain long-form articles. One, titled "Toward the Queerest Insurrection," describes being queer as “the cohesion of everything in conflict with the heterosexual capitalist world.”

"The discourses of heterosexuality, whiteness and capitalism reproduce themselves into a model of power. For the rest of us, there is death," said the article.

Another pdf titled "Dangerous Spaces" differentiated between "violence that dominates" — such as police, prisons, coffee shops, and rape. — and "violence that liberates" which the article describes as being "the murdered homophobe," the "smashed window and the expropriated food," and "the cop on fire."

Groups known to subscribe to the title of "anti-fascist" are known for resorting to violence against people they deem as "fascists" or "Nazis." Groups going under the moniker of Antifa have demonstrated in the past that they are willing to go to extremes against their opponents.

During the April "Battle for Berkeley" that saw Antifa members violently facing off against Trump supporters in Berkeley, California, a masked San Francisco-area ethics professor Eric Clanton hit a man in the head with a bike lock. The victim suffered "significant injuries" according to police. Clanton faces three counts of suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon that isn’t a firearm and assault causing bodily injury.

After Antifa lost the fight for Berkeley and were forced to retreat, some Antifa members took to Reddit message boards to discuss possibly starting classes that would give Antifa members combat training, including training with firearms.

The Antifa Facebook group, "Upstate Antifa" has also justified the use of violence. In some posts they say dialogue is sometimes useless as people will just make stuff up, and you "might as well punch a Nazi." It also argued that destruction of property and vandalism is not violence, but "poverty" and "no healthcare" is violence.


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