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Sean Hannity calls for an investigation into Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Sean Hannity said that Special Counsel Mueller should be investigated for conflicts of interest in his investigation into Russian collusion. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot.)

Sean Hannity called for an investigation into whether Special Counsel Robert Mueller should recuse himself because of his friendship with former FBI Director James Comey. He made the comments on Fox News Thursday.

"We also need answers about the reports that the FBI, James Comey, offered to pay [former spy Christopher Steele] as much as $50,000," Hannity claimed. He referred to a report that the FBI offered the author of the debunked Trump dossier $50,000 if he could collaborate the details in the document. He was not paid.

"Also speaking of James Comey," he continued, "well, he's surrounded by controversy. He may have broken the law. Remember, removing classified government property from the FBI. And Comey also admitted that he gave one of his memos to a friend so that they'd leak it to the press, in that case, the New York Times, because he wanted a special counsel."

"Well that special counsel turned out to be longtime BFF of James Comey, Robert Mueller," he explained.

"Now this guy has more conflict of interest than we can count," Hannity claimed, "so it's time to start investigating the investigator."

"Why did he hire Hillary Clinton's attorney?" he asked. "Why did he hire Obama and Hillary donors?"

"And Mueller, by the way," Hannity continued, "potentially, did he break the law? Is he being unethical? Is he conducting an investigation where his friend James Comey is the star witness? Does that need to be a case of recusal?"

"And on top of that all the handful of investigators that donated only to Democratic presidential candidates."

Although praised by many for his integrity and honesty, Special Counsel Mueller's actions in the investigation into collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign has come under fire from supporters of the president. Some have claimed that his friendship with James Comey undermines his authority as an impartial prosecutor. Others point to the campaign contributions of the prosecutors Mueller has hand-picked for his team as evidence of his bias.

“I can say that the people that have been hired are all Hillary Clinton supporters,” Trump said of Mueller's team, according to the Washington Examiner.

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