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Ann Coulter obliterates Delta Airlines in viral tweet-storm after being booted from seat

Ann Coulter publicly aired her grievances with Delta airlines over the weekend to her 1.6 million Twitter followers, and now she's saying she was targeted. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter typically uses her social media platform of millions of followers to communicate her views on politics and culture. But on Saturday, Coulter used her Twitter account to publicly rebuke Delta Airlines.

The fiasco began Saturday afternoon when Coulter declared from her Twitter account that Delta is "still" the "worst airline in America" after she was booted from her seat. In a subsequent tweet, Coulter explained that it was Delta gate staff that gave her pre-booked seat away to another customer.

When she asked a flight attendant why she was booted from her seat, which Coulter said was specifically booked because it had extra space, she was given no explanation other than "I don't know." Later, Coulter tweeted a picture of the woman who was given her seat.

Coulter later tweeted that she was informed she was moved due to an "emergency," but that didn't stop the conservative commentator from continuing her anti-Delta rant.

She went on to rip into the airline for having bad wifi, while praising a Delta competitor — JetBlue — for their suburb inflight wifi service.

"@JetBlue has free wifi and doesn't wantonly remove passengers from their assigned seats, booked in advance FOR A REASON. @Delta sucks," Coulter wrote.

Coulter continued her rant well into Sunday by bashing Delta flight attendants and gate agents as "Nurse Ratchets." She also quipped that Delta's motto is: "How can we make your flight more uncomfortable?" She later said Sunday that she wished robots would replace Delta's flight crew and gate agents.

Delta, for their part, responded to Coulter's complaints just like they would any other person — by asking her to direct message their official Twitter account with her flight information.

Though she accomplished what she wanted by publicly airing her displeasure with Delta, Coulter was specifically rebuked for tweeting the picture of the woman who was placed in her seat. Many accused Coulter of being angry because a "brown woman" was put in her pre-booked seat, though the race of the woman who was given Coulter's seat is not clear.

Read Coulter's complete rant:

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