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Eric Bolling throws Sean Spicer under the bus, calls him DC swamp establishment

Fox News' Eric Bolling criticized former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer for not being an effective deliverer of President Trump's message Friday. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot._

Fox New's Eric Bolling heavily criticized outgoing White House press secretary Sean Spicer as a "DC establishment type" in a monologue for "The Specialists" Friday after Spicer resigned.

"Time wake up America, Spicer is out!" he began. "Now if you're looking for a nice 'attaboy Sean' or 'you did a good job, Sean,' or 'tough job you had there, Sean,' you're looking in the wrong place."

"Sean Spicer quit the press secretary job today," he added. "That's a really positive thing for the White House communications department. And let me explain."

"White House communications is all about the message," Bolling explained. "Effective message delivery is three-pronged."

"First prong: delivering the message, the strategy of the message," he said, "or how they roll out the president's agenda."

"Second prong: managing that message, think of driving a car," he continued, "working the gas pedal and the breaks, knowing when to use both, and certainly steering the message."

"Third prong, likely the simplest prong, is actually the delivery of that message," he said.

"Now Sean had trouble managing the message from the very first appearance in front of the press," Bolling added. "Remember that first press event? The Sunday after inauguration? Sean entered the press room, guns a'blazing, and he immediately put the press on the defensive, and that combative nature persisted through his time as secretary."

"Sean became too much of the story," Bolling continued, "he was a regular Saturday Night Live parody, late night shows poked fun at him, there were internet memes, all what we think about when we think of Sean Spicer's name, rather than the man effectively delivering Trump's message."

"So look folks, Sean Spicer, nice guy," he added, "but President Trump ran and won on draining the swamp, and the swamp happens to be filled with long-time D.C. types, like Sean Spicer."

"Anthony Scaramucci, however, is a huge upgrade for the Trump comm. shop," Bolling said. "He's a loyalist to the 'America First' agenda, a businessman like Trump, and most importantly, he's someone who understand agrees with President Trump's plan to make American great again, and that's a good thing. So Godspeed, Mooch."

"But in the end, but no one at the table would disagree with this, Donald J. Trump is his own best spokesman, bar none," he concluded.

Spicer resigned his position Friday saying that he wanted to give incoming communications director Scaramucci a "clean slate." While Bolling characterized Scaramucci as a Trump "loyalist," critics noted that he previously donated tens of thousands of dollars to former President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, and backed Jeb Bush against Trump in the primaries.

He had also lashed out at then-candidate Trump as a "hack politician," but apologized profusely for those comments in his first press briefing.

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