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Fox News host attacked by water-wielding man at New York campaign event

Fox News co-host Kat Timpf was assaulted by a man who poured water over her head at a speaking engagement Monday in New York City. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Fox News co-host of the "Specialists" Kat Timpf was scheduled to speak at a local campaign event in New York Monday evening when she was attacked by a man who dumped a bottle of water on her head, according to her recollection of the events on Twitter.

Timpf, who was clearly rattled by the incident, explained in a series of tweets that she was standing at an event for Brooklyn Borough presidential candidate Ben Kissel waiting to deliver remarks to the crowd when an unidentified man unexpectedly approached her and left her drenched in water.

Timpf filed a police report Monday night after the incident. She told TheWrap if she could address her attacker, she had several questions for him she'd like answered.

"Do you have anyone to hang out with? Do you have any friends you could talk to that would tell you that’s not how adults behave? How sad and pathetic is your life that this is what you need to do with your time?" she said.

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