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Christian writer discusses justifiable war on North Korea, excoriates Trump pastor Robert Jeffress

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Christian writer Susan Wright on Friday discussed what she believed was a biblically correct way to approach tensions between the United States and North Korea, but not before taking a shot at President Donald Trump's Texas pastor, Robert Jeffress. Earlier this week, Jeffress said that God had "given Trump authority" to stop the "evil" of Kim Jong Un.

From Wright's column at RedState:

Is there such a thing [as a Christian "just war"]? Is aggression and war ever the answer, and how should Christians respond?

The short answer is “yes.” There are times when war is just and necessary. My response, however, was meant to address Dr. Robert Jeffress, the “spiritual leader” of Trump and the First Baptist Church, in Dallas, Texas.

Wright claimed that Robert Jeffress, who is senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas — and who she referred to as a "breathless Trump supporter" — made some irresponsible remarks when he encouraged Trump's "fire and fury" comments.

While appearing on the Church of Trump broadcast (Fox News) Wednesday, Jeffress was asked about Trump’s statement. Rather than speak words of peace over the situation, or even calm reason for standing firm, the pastor did what he’s done since he decided a twice-divorced, adulterous, owner of gambling houses and strip joints, and serial con artist was “God’s man” for the White House: He cheered the behavior on.

In fact, Jeffress insisted the Bible gave Trump the authority to use any means necessary to take out an “evildoer” such as Kim Jong Un, whether by war or assassination.

Wright noted that Jeffress invoked the book of Romans to hammer his point home that God had given Trump the "moral authority" to wage war on Kim Jong Un, by any means necessary.

Claiming that there are "several concepts" that could render a war "just," Wright went on and named them.

Proper authority – This would probably be the point of Jeffress’ argument, as Romans 13:1-8 speaks of the authority given to rulers by God. Trump, as a duly elected president certainly has the authority, but he must pass it through Congress. Under our system of government, they have authority, as well, so taking Congress into account should go hand-in-hand with the notion of a “just war.”

Just cause – War is only permissible to defend the helpless or yourselves.

Just intent – Are you going to war to restore peace and justice? If not, your intent is wrong.

Last resort – Every diplomatic mean of restoring peace should be given a chance, such as sanctions.

Limited goals – If the goal is to annihilate or enslave, then the war is not just.

Proportionality – Is this a war that can be won, and are the goals of the conflict comparable in good to the costs to the combatants?

She also noted that Jeffress should know better than to buy into violent rhetoric and encourage something when God is a god of love.

"While it’s easy to compare Jong Un to Trump and say, 'Kim Jong Un is the evil one! He starves his own people!'" Wright explained, "God looks at both sets of actions and sees evil: one starves his own people and the other left his marriage bed, cheated multiple people out of their hard earned money, took services and didn’t pay for them, lies, is abusive to others, and maintains houses of ungodly pursuits, leading countless souls to stray from a path that would lead them to salvation."

Wright said that God does not judge sin by its "severity." Sin is sin is sin.

"Jeffress is a symptom of an American church that has attached itself more to political saviors than the saving grace of Jesus Christ," Wright said. "How can he lead when he is so split between loyalties?"

She concluded, "Dr. Jeffress is a deceiver, and his message is corrupt. If he’s not praying and speaking peace into this world, he has ruined his witness to the world."

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