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In viral video, boy with Down syndrome has heartwarming reaction when his sister visits

Jessica Evans, 21, recently shared a video of her brother, David Evans, 15, reacting to surprise visits from her in a viral tweet. (Image source: Twitter video screenshot)

In a tweet that went viral, Jessica Evans, 21, recently shared a video of her brother, David Evans, 15, reacting to her surprise visits. Evans made a video compilation of David's reactions when she picked him up at the bus stop, at school, or surprised him at home.

“My sister!” David exclaims during one surprise visit as he runs to hug Evans.

Evans, a student at the University of North Georgia, told People magazine that she tries to keep her trips to see her family in Snellville, Georgia, secret so she can surprise David.

“There were a couple times that he had absolutely no idea I was visiting,” she told People. “I would hide behind my mom, or a car, and run up and surprise him as he was coming off the bus — he would have no idea!”

Evans told BuzzFeed that she and her brother have always been close.

"He knows how to make me smile when I'm upset and I do the same for him," she said, adding that David is her best friend and that he “has been my whole world for as long as I can remember."

She said David “is by far the biggest Georgia Bulldog fan, but overall he is probably the funniest and happiest person I know."

Evans said she started filming David about a year and a half ago to record his reactions to her visits “because I wanted to remember those moments and because my friends love seeing him."

She shared a collection of those videos on Twitter and was shocked by how popular it became.

"It was strange to see my video go viral because I wasn't expecting it at all," Evans said.

She said David loved her video. When she showed it to him, he replied, "Hey, that's me!"

She said their parents didn’t know she shared the video until she told them that she and David “accidentally” went viral.

"My parents have been shocked at the number of people who have seen and responded to the video but they have loved seeing the positive impact it has made," she said.

Spreading love

Evans told People that she hopes the video remind people to “spread love to each other” — especially to people with special needs.

“Love people, because love is definitely something the world could use a little bit more of,” she said. “I think that children and people with disabilities don’t get as much credit as they deserve – they are some of the sweetest and most loving people in the entire world.”

Twitter users praised the adorable video and shared pictures and videos of their own:

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