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Here's how Trump's anti-war supporters reacted to his Afghanistan speech
President Donald Trump offered his plan for the war in Afghanistan in a speech Monday evening, but many of his anti-war supporters soured on what they saw as an escalation of war from previous administrations. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Here's how Trump's anti-war supporters reacted to his Afghanistan speech

President Donald Trump's highly anticipated speech outlining his war policy in Afghanistan pleased those wishing for an escalation in the region in order to declare victory, but others were not as enthused.

Many of the president's supporters took to Twitter to register their displeasure with what they saw as an endorsement of his predecessor's "endless war."

Right-wing firebrand and enthusiastic Trump supporter Ann Coulter tweeted that Trump had become a "threat" to his own re-election because he was sending, "More Troops to Useless Human-Grinder in Afghanistan."

"Who's going to pay for it? What is our measure of success? We didn't win with 100K troops. How will we win with 4,000 more?" conservative talk host Laura Ingraham demanded to know.

"I thought we were going to drain the swamp in Washington, not clear the desert in Afghanistan," she added.

An opinion piece at the onetime reliably pro-Trump Breitbart News blasted the decision, saying, "I voted for Donald J. Trump because he promised change. I may have made a mistake. Should we retitle national security adviser H.R. McMaster as President H.R. McMaster?"

Another article on Breitbart added to the chorus of discouragement. "The speech was a disappointment to many who had supported his calls during the campaign to end expensive foreign intervention and nation building," it read. "He acknowledged the frustration that Americans felt after 16 years of war without an end in sight."

"17 days, 17 weeks, 17 months, 17 years...it doesn't matter how long we're in Afghanistan. We won't change a damn thing," former Illinois GOP Rep. Joe Walsh said. "Get out now."

Other Trump supporters were equally disappointed:

Figures associated with the "alt-right" movement were especially critical of the speech.

Despite Trump's apparent flip-flop on Afghanistan, some supporters remained stalwart and faithful.

While comedian Jim Gaffigan just used it as fodder for humor:

Many of those opposed to what some called military adventurism pointed to the enthusiastic support of the speech from Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) as a sign that Trump's war policy was heading the wrong way.

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