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Clemson University professor declares that all Republicans 'racist scum

A Clemson University professor publicly denounced Republicans as "racist scum." (Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

An instructor at Clemson University wrote a series of public posts on his Facebook page denouncing Republicans, calling them "racist scum" and "naive."

According to Campus Reform, Bart Knijnenburg, assistant professor of Human-Centered Computing, wrote a series of Facebook posts criticizing the Republican Party as a whole and encouraging others not to turn a blind eye to the problem created by GOP ideals.

“All trump [sic] supporters, nay, all Republicans, are racist scum,” Knijnenburg wrote. Even after another Facebook user asked him to clarify his remarks, he stood by his statement.

“All Republicans? Yes. Your complacency made this happen," he commented. "Pick a side: denounce your affiliation, or admit you're a racist."

Knijnenberg, who has taught at Clemson since 2015, went on to accuse Republicans of merely criticizing President Donald Trump for political gain without taking any action to back up their criticism.

“I haven’t seen any of them renounce their political affiliation yet,” he said after a former student questioned his harsh generalization. “In fact, all of them fell in line with Trump once he became president. They selectively criticize him when it is politically convenient to do so, but they don’t take any actual sustained actions."

The professor, who is currently on a tenure track at Brown, according to his resume, went on to explain that it's the Republican ideology that is the inherent problem.

“The republican [sic] ideology of ‘everyone is equal and nobody deserves a handout’ is naive at best, covertly racist at worst. I truly believe that turning a blind eye makes you complicit in what is happening now,” he told another Facebook user.

"This society is aggressively structured to make cis white males succeed, at the expense of minorities," he said.

Calls for violence

Knijnenberg also called for violence to be used against white supremacists, saying that it was up to others to stop them by any means necessary.

"I admire anyone who stands up against white supremacy. Violent or nonviolent. This needs to stop, by any means necessary. #PunchNazis," he proclaimed boldly. 

Interestingly, the professor wrote on his LinkedIn profile that his job includes researching "privacy decision-making."

"Our online lives are full of small but difficult decisions," Knijnenberg said on the professional networking website. "Which app should I install? Should I post this on Facebook or not? Which YouTube video should I watch?"

Shortly after Campus Reform's publication, Knijnenberg changed his Facebook settings from public to private.

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