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Fox host shuts down BLM supporter over 10 requests for white people: 'Textbook definition of racism

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson squared off with Black Lives Matter supporter — and onetime attorney for the families of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown — Jasmine Rand on Thursday's "Tucker Carlson Tonight" over a controversial article published by Black Lives Matter leader Chanelle Helm on Leo Weekly titled "White people, here are 10 requests from a Black Lives Matter leader."

Helm's op-ed was a controversial list on how white people could serve people of color and included suggestions like the donation of property to people of color and forcing racists out of their jobs.

Many comments on Helm's op-ed weren't supportive: Some readers called her article racist, while others claimed that Helm's article had to be satire.

Carlson told Rand that he felt the list was blatantly racist, and the two embarked on a heated discussion about white privilege and race in America.

The 10 'requests'

Helm's requests to white people included:

  • Willing property to people of color in the event that the white person doesn't have any descendants;
  • Giving inherited property to people of color if the white person plans to sell it upon inheritance;
  • Building housing for the black and brown community and allowing minorities to live there for free, should the white person happen to be a real estate developer or owner of multi-family housing;
  • Downsizing and giving their homes to families of color in need;
  • Avoiding the transfer of property to "racist a**holes" and instead, giving it to a family of color;
  • Re-budgeting the white person's monthly income in order to donate to "black funds" for land purchases;
  • Ensuring that racists are fired from their jobs;
  • Ensuring that "racist" men who took time off from work to protest were fired;
  • Confronting white people overheard "praising" the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, ensuring they're fired as a result of their comments, and suggesting the use of physical force against them; and
  • Fighting white supremacy and funding black and brown communities and their work.

Tucker's exchange with Rand

Discussing Helm's requests with Rand, Carlson was adamant that if there's one unnecessary issue in today's America, it's further division among races, cultures, and ethnicities.

Though Rand wouldn't voice complete support for Helm's list, she did say that she understoodd Helm's message and principles.

Rand added that American people of color are still some of the most "underprivileged" people in the country, but that racism at its core is simply one component of a larger issue.

"You and I both grew up with white privilege, which means we didn't have to think about race first while growing up," Rand said. "That's not true for many African-Americans and many Latino people, and I think that we need to acknowledge that important and distinctive difference."

Carlson interjected, "What you're doing is making a generalization based on race. Which is the textbook definition of racism."

Rand continued attempting to discuss what she perceived as white privilege, but Carlson boiled down Helm's list to nothing more than racism.

"I'm trying to take you seriously," Carlson later added, "but I can't."

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