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Pardon WikiLeaks and clear Russia? GOP rep has a deal for the White House

Republican Representative Dana Rohrabacher reportedly proposed a deal to the White House that would pardon Julian Assange and clear Russia of election interference allegations. (Shuji Kajiyama/AFP/Getty Images)

Republican Representative Dana Rohrabacher contacted the White House to facilitate a deal that would result in the pardon of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and the clearing of Russia from allegations of hacking and leaking Hillary Clinton's emails, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

The proposed deal

  • Assange would receive a presidential pardon or some other form of clemency if WikiLeaks produced proof that Russia was not responsible for leaking Hillary Clinton's emails.
  • Rohrabacher reportedly presented the deal to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly during a Wednesday phone call.
  • Kelly referred Rohrabacher to bring his request to the intelligence committee, and did not bring the proposal to President Donald Trump at that time.

Rohrabacher, Russia and Assange

  • Rohrabacher is known for being pro-Russia and sympathetic to Vladimir Putin, and has called allegations of Russian election interference "total bulls***."
  • Rohrabacher met with Assange on his own in August. After that meeting, he said Assange told him that Clinton's emails did not come from Russia.
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