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Americans change opinion of Trump after hurricanes and North Korea in new poll

President Donald Trump registered a higher approval rating in a new CNN poll after responding to devastating hurricanes and a belligerent North Korea. (Dominick Reuter/AFP/Getty Images)

A new CNN poll shows that Americans have changed in their opinions of President Donald Trump after his handling of the devastating hurricanes.

How's Trump's approval rating?

Trump's approval rating has climbed slightly to 40 percent, in reverse of a downward trend.

CNN polling results (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

"Now, by any normal historical measurement, that is not a good number," CNN host John Berman reported, "but it is better."

How do Americans think he handled the hurricanes?

According to CNN's poll, nearly two thirds of Americans approved of how he handled the destructive hurricanes.

Only a quarter of Americans said they disapproved of how he responded.

CNN polling results (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

What about North Korea?

Less than a majority (41 percent) of Americans reported that Trump was doing a satisfactory job with North Korea. But many more Americans believe North Korea is an "immediate threat."

CNN polling results (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

This is up from 37 percent in April, a marked increase in alarm among Americans.

Nearly 60 percent of Americans also favor military action if diplomacy or sanctions fail to curtail the hermit kingdom's belligerence.

CNN polling results (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

CNN's Jeff Zeleny noted that although President Trump's approval rating had improved, that of first lady Melania Trump still surpassed his at 44 percent.

The poll was taken from Sept. 17-20, with a sampling error of +/- 3.7 percent.

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