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Scaramucci tells 'The View' who is the worst person at the White House

Former Trump communications director Anthony Scaramucci told the women of "The View" who he thought was the "worst" and "unlikeable" person at the White House. He chose two people. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

In a surprising admission to the women of "The View," former Trump communications director Anthony Scaramucci revealed who he thought was the "worst" and most "unlikeable" person was at the White House, and offered a lot of detail.

What did he say?

When Joy Behar asked him who the worst and unlikeable person was at the White House, Scaramucci offered two names.

"Who is the most annoying, horrible person in the Oval Office?" Behar asked. "The most unlikeable? C'mon!"

"Well I mean I would pick two," Scaramucci responded. "How do you think I got along with Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon? Do you think that was a good relationship? You thought we were triumvirate, the three of us? I mean that was rough."

"What was Bannon's worst quality in your opinion?" Behar asked.

"Well, I mean, Steve, his best quality is he's a great speechwriter, he's got great linguistic skills," he explained.

"His worst quality to me was that he a little bit of a messianic complex," he continued. "He got very mad at me for going to Davos, Switzerland, to speak at the World Economic Forum which was sanctioned by the communications team, but because he's an anti-globalist, and he was hitting that economic forum at Breitbart [News] for so many years, that put me in disfavor with him."

"And so you know people who have messianic complexes they think they're the answer," he added, "they think they're the solution and what we know about our country, and what we know about our government, thank God, it's set up a system of checks and balances where it has to be a collaboration."

"People also say he's a white nationalist," asked Sunny Hostin.

"Is he a white nationalist?" Scaramucci paused and pondered before continuing. "I would say that he has those tendencies, if you read Breitbart, there's a lot of that white nationalist economic fervor, and so to me, my whole thing is doesn't matter, we're a rainbow, let's grow the pie, let's share the pie together, but let's get to work."

Here's the video of the exchange:

Why is this important?

Scaramucci's penchant for gossip is just the latest example of disfunction at the White House that has been a stumbling block for President Trump and his agenda. Whether his swipe at Bannon is accurate or not, Scaramucci is surely pleasing opponents of the president with his incisive criticisms despite his short time at the White House.

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