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Gay coffee shop owner kicks Christians out of cafe, goes on vulgar rant — it was all caught on video
Image source: TheBlaze

Gay coffee shop owner kicks Christians out of cafe, goes on vulgar rant — it was all caught on video

A Seattle, Washington coffee shop owner kicked a group of Christians out of his shop last week because their presence was "offensive" to him.

What were they doing there?

The group had been handing out booklets to Seattle citizens which addressed sin, the Bible, and abortion.

According to The Liberator, the group decided to take a break and stop for coffee at nearby coffee shop, Bedlam Coffee.

The site reported that one of the baristas told the owner what the Christian group had been doing outside on the streets of Seattle, and he didn't take it well.

What did he say?

The owner, in the video, approaches the Christian group and tells them they have to leave.

"I’m gay, you have to leave," he said. "This is offensive to me. I own the place. I have the right to be offended."

The group attempted to tell the owner that they hadn't left any of their pamphlets in his shop, but the owner wasn't hearing any of it.

Repeatedly telling them to "shut up," the owner said, "There’s nothing you can say. This is you and I don’t want these people in this place."

The Christians pressed the owner as to why he is so opposed to their presence in the shop, and that's when things got extraordinarily vulgar.

"Can you tolerate my presence? Really?" the owner asked. "If I go get my boyfriend and f**k him in the a** right here you're going to tolerate that? Are you going to tolerate it?"

Becoming increasingly agitated, the owner yelled, "Answer my f***ing question! No, you’re going to sit right here and f***ing watch it! Leave, all of you! Tell all your f**king friends don’t come here!"

As the group begins collecting their belongings to leave, one of the women in the group addresses the owner directly and tells him, "Just know that Christ can save you from that lifestyle."

"Yeah, I like a**," the owner spat. "I’m not going to be saved by anything. I’d f**k Christ in the a**. Okay? He’s hot."

As the group left the shop, one of the women in the group told the owner that she would be praying for him.

The video, shared by Facebook account Abolish Human Abortion, has received over 400 views at the time of this writing.

(Content warning: rough language.)

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