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Hard-working immigrant store owner who fought, chased away armed crook is living out American values

A hard-working immigrant store owner in Massachusetts fought off an armed robber with a two-by-four — and is living out American values. (Image source: WPRI-TV video screenshot)

A robber dressed in black from head to toe and wielding a metal baton charged into the Farm Market convenience store in Fall River, Massachusetts, Monday night demanding money, WPRI-TV reported.

Image source: WPRI-TV video screenshot

But the crook had no idea who he was about to go up against.

“When he put his mask up, he was pleasing me to give him the money only,” store owner Ahmad Abdulrahman told the station. “I told him, 'Sorry, I have no money here.'”

What the gritty owner did have, however, was a two-by-four.

Image source: WPRI-TV video screenshot

And surveillance video showed the moment Abdulrahman began swinging it to fight off the robber.

Image source: WPRI-TV video screenshot

Within seconds the outmatched perp was high-tailing out of the Farm Market with Abdulrahman chasing after him down the block.

Image source: WPRI-TV video screenshot

Police are still looking for the suspect who left empty-handed.

“Unfortunately, some people are so weak, they think it's so easy to come in and take your money,” the proud businessman told WPRI. “But not me.”

The few scrapes and bruises on his arms from the altercation are indeed nothing compared to what Abdulrahman has been through. In fact, he told the station it was "a piece of cake."

A survivor of the Syrian civil war, Abdulrahman told WPRI he's lived through situations where "the door opens and five, six, seven men come in with very heavy machine guns, and you deal with them."

Ahmad Abdulrahman (Image source: WPRI-TV video screenshot)

After such experiences, Abdulrahman wasn't about to let a two-bit thief take the hard-earned money that supports him, his wife and their two young children.

Image source: WPRI-TV video screenshot

“You have to be tough to survive; you have to work," he told the station. "And thank God I am doing well."

Appreciative of the life he and his family now live in America, Abdulrahman wants nothing more than to just roll up his sleeves and get to it.

Image source: WPRI-TV video screenshot

“I open my store, I close it. I do like 17 hours a day, seven days a week," he told WPRI. "Thank God, we are here.”

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