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Bill O’Reilly weighs in on Trump widow controversy - here's what he said

Former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly said that he saw a "set up" in the events that led to President Trump's controversial comments to a Gold Star military widow. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

In an interview with Newsmax, former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly says he believes Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) set up the president when he called a Gold Star widow and reportedly said, "he knew what he was getting into."

Here's the video of Bill O'Reilly:

Why does O'Reilly think the president was set up?

O'Reilly gave his reasoning in the interview.

"The thing that disturbs me is Congresswoman Wilson," O'Reilly said. "They were given a 24-hour day. The family of the fallen Army Sgt. Johnson, who was a Green Beret, was given 24-hour notice that President Trump would call."

"They gave that information to Congresswoman Wilson, who is an anti-Trump hater and has been from the jump," he addded. "Also, she voted against all of the bills that would help the military."

"She knew the call was coming in, she was in the car when President Trump reached the widow, Myeshia Johnson, 24 years old," he continued. "Then, she goes out on CNN and says, 'The president insulted Mrs. Johnson, made her cry.'

"This looks to me to be a set up," O'Reilly concluded. "It really does."

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