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Live Decision Desk results for the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial elections here

Republican Ed Gillespie and Democrat Ralph Northam are competing in Tuesday's election for the governor's office of Virginia. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot composite)

The polls are closing in Virginia at 7pm EST for the key election for the state's next governor, and in New Jersey at 8pm EST for their governor.

TheBlaze is proud to host live results of the elections from the fine folks at the Decision Desk, one of the most accurate election vote tabulation organizations.

Virginia Gubernatorial Election

This is being watched widely as a sign of President Trump's relative strength as he has backed the Republican Ed Gillespie, who is a few points below his Democrat opponent in polling just ahead of election day.

The election has gotten very heated with accusations of race-baiting on both sides. Democrats have tried to make Trump a central issue in the election, thinking that his low opinion polling might help bury Gillespie.

New Jersey Gubernatorial Election

The residents of New Jersey are also heading to the polls today to chose their governor.

Virginia is also voting to chose a lieutenant governor and a state attorney general.

Virginia Election for Lieutenant Governor

Virginia Election for State Attorney General

Come back to this page for live, updated results until the elections are called.

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