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Kent State socialists can't put politics aside to team up with capitalists for charity

Socialist groups at Kent State University refused to participate in a charitable competition with capitalist groups over ideological differences. (Image source: KentStateGlobalEd video screenshot)

Some people just can’t put politics aside.

Two capitalist student groups at Kent State University (Turning Point USA and Young Americans for Liberty) challenged some socialist student groups to a canned food donation competition.

“We decided to engage in a friendly challenge in hopes to increase donations overall because a challenge is always a way to get people active and willing to participate, and to ease tensions that have been prevalent, said Kaitlin Bennett, president of Turning Point USA to Fox News.

The socialists weren't having it.

Socialists put ideology over charity

Instead of agreeing to the competition, which would benefit people in need, the socialist groups opted to use the situation as a way to attack the capitalist groups and advance their own platform.

The Young Democratic Socialists of America issued a statement on Twitter:

“While this event would benefit the public greatly, we at YDSA do not work with organizations that promote/endorse figures who do promote sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, Zionism, or any other intolerant dangerous belief. Therefore it is against our principles to work with either TPUSA or YAL.”

The Kent State Socialist Collective issued a longer statement on its Twitter account, blaming capitalism for the fact that canned food drives are necessary in the first place.

“More often than not, people are willing to donate canned goods for a food drive. But how often do we ask why there are people who rely on our charity to survive?

“We have enough food to donate, and too many people who need donations. The issue is about wealth, who has it and who doesn’t. The issue is with capitalism.”

It really was just about donations

The capitalist groups didn’t fire back and fan the flames of political debate. After all, they were just trying to get more canned food donations.

“The purpose of this challenge was to extend an olive branch to our ideological counterparts on campus, open up a mutual dialogue and friendly channels of communication, and accomplish some good for our community in the process,” the capitalist groups said in a statement.

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