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NYC subway passenger verbally berates and punches woman in mouth after she asks him to move over

Image source: TheBlaze

A man riding a New York City subway on Thursday allegedly struck a female passenger in the face and verbally abused her after she asked him to allow her more room.

What are the details?

The woman, Sam Saia, 37, told the New York Daily News that she was riding the train to work on Thursday morning when a male passenger sitting next to her spread his legs open wide, pushing her into the side of the car.

Saia said that when she asked the man to move over, he went off on an expletive-laden rant and socked her in the mouth.

"B***h, you ain't nothing! I've raped white b***hes like you, f***ing c**t! You ain't nothing, you f***ing b***h!" the man shouted, according to Saia.

"Stupid me," Saia said, "I should have got up at that point. I just told him to relax and I put my earbuds in."

Saia revealed it was at that moment when the man punched her in the mouth.

How did it end?

Noting that the punch split her lip and forced her head into the wall of the car, Saia said that a good Samaritan stepped in after witnessing the altercation.

The man, who identified himself only as being "off duty," told Saia's alleged attacker to get off the train on the next stop.

"Get the f*** off the train. Get off the train, bro, you just f***ing hit a lady," the man can be heard saying on a video that was taken of the second half of the incident.

Saia's alleged attacker can be heard apologizing, while Saia answers, "I'm bleeding, you a**hole."

Saia later shared the video on her Facebook page after the incident and wrote, "The internet can be a beautiful thing! I wanted to raise awareness for fellow Brooklyn gals about some lowlife who punched me in the face on the N train this morning, but didn’t get to see his face as it was covered by a scarf and hood. Someone got it on video, and caught when he’d pulled the scarf down. This is the “man” who hit me on the N train this morning. This is his face. Share it!"

According to the New York Post, the video is being investigated by the police.

(Content warning: Rough language):

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