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Joy Behar declares Hillary Clinton 'won the election.' But Meghan McCain rips her whining to shreds.

When co-host Joy Behar declared on "The View" that Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election over sitting Republican President Donald Trump, co-host Meghan McCain wouldn't let it slide. “She won the popular vote," McCain said, "but we don’t elect presidents in America with the popular vote." (Image sources: YouTube screenshots)

Leftist celebrity Joy Behar is at it again.

During Tuesday's episode of "The View," Behar declared that former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election over sitting Republican President Donald Trump.

It all started when co-host Whoopi Goldberg mentioned an Esquire interview with former Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), noting that "he felt it was a mistake for [Clinton] to write a book so soon after she lost, and that he learned after his loss that the hardest thing to do is just shut up. Now, is he right?”

Behar addressed co-host Meghan McCain, the senator's outspoken daughter: “With all due respect to your father, and whom I like very much, I think he’s wrong. I think a woman’s place is in the resistance — the woman won the election.”

After the audience cheering died down, co-host Sara Haines offered — regarding Clinton's "What Happened" memoir about her unsuccessful campaign — that "it looks bad when you did not win, and you’re already out of the gates talking.”

'She did win. And I won't give that up.'

Behar couldn't contain herself: “But she did win. She did win. And I won’t give that up."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Meghan McCain had enough: “She didn’t win.”

To which Behar retorted — for variety — "she did win."

“She won the popular vote," McCain chided Behar, "but we don’t elect presidents in America with the popular vote."

“I get that, I get that," Behar responded, mining for a silver lining. "But the numbers are still there.”

'Does that make you feel good at night?'

McCain's rejoinders got better: "Does that make you feel good at night, like, when you’re so angry about Trump ... does that make you feel better? Because if I were you, it would not make me feel better."

Behar admitted Clinton's popular vote total "does not" make her feel better.

"The Electoral College, you live and die by," McCain explained further. "And I will say, losing the presidency is a unique experience."

Behar didn't seem to appreciate being taken to task by her younger co-host: "I know my civics, Meg."

But McCain wasn't done by a long shot: "Oh, because you’ve experienced losing, running for president? You know what it feels like on election night, Joy?"

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The oohs from the audience signaled it could be getting nasty.

"Listen, I was hit," Behar said, recalling her election night emotions. "I had a black veil on."

'Buck up'

McCain then explained how she and her family dealt with John McCain's 2008 election night loss — and apparently no black veils were donned:

On our election night, we prayed, and then my father told me to, 'Buck up, we’re the most blessed people in the world' and then he didn’t complain about it. And we as a family recognized President Obama as the phenomenon that he was, and whether or not you like it, President Trump is a populist phenomenon in a completely different way ... And if I were you, and I’m part of the resistance, I would look forward to new leadership.

"I am," Behar replied.

(H/T: Truth Revolt)

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