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Meeting of Healing' at college provides 'safe space' after conservative speaker's appearance

A “Meeting of Healing” took place at the University of Connecticut in response to a conservative speaker’s appearance at the school last week. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

A "Meeting of Healing" took place at the University of Connecticut in response to a conservative speaker's appearance at the school last week, the Daily Campus reported.

Come again?

  • Yup. The gathering — co-sponsored by Brothers Reaching Our Society (BROS) and the NAACP — aimed to “create a safe space for people to come and to discuss their feelings about [Tuesday] night’s events,” student Milcah Sajous told the paper.

What happened at the speech by the conservative speaker?

Image source: YouTube screenshot

What happened at the 'Meeting of Healing'?

  • Some students condemned the university for allowing Wintrich to speak.
  • “[Wintrich is] the prime example of the Trump administration," student Stephen Sam — who's also president of BROS, told the paper. "He likes to troll people on social media.”
  • Wendy Marte, a first-semester student who protested outside the event, told the Daily Campus she wants police to apologize for prioritizing Wintrich's protection over protesters' protection.
  • “At the end of the day, they’re here to keep us safe," Marte told the paper. "They’re here to make sure we don’t feel this kind of way."
  • Abby Katz, treasurer of the Black Students Association, told the Daily Campus: "As soon as I walked into the room and saw police officers and event staff ... that’s when I started to feel threatened."
  • Nicole Hamilton, treasurer for the school's NAACP chapter, added to the paper that "this isn’t just a UConn issue; this is an American issue."

(H/T: The College Fix)

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