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John Conyers Jr.'s son had altercation with former girlfriend, not sure he wants dad's seat

Former Rep. John Conyers' son, John Conyers III, was arrested in February on suspicion of domestic violence, but not charged. Conyers III said he isn’t sure he wants to replace his father. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Former Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) said when he resigned over sexual harassment allegations that he wanted his son, John Conyers III, to take his place.

But Conyers III has apparently had his own issues with a woman, according to a CNN report.

Conyers III and his former girlfriend were in a physical altercation in February that ended with the girlfriend suffering a stab wound.

“The DA dismissed the charges, but it’s something that causes me a lot of anguish and now it’s associated with me,” Conyers III said. “I know what happened, and I know I’m innocent.”

Misdemeanor battery charges were not filed, because the LA District Attorney’s Office determined that the charge couldn’t be proven.

Conyers III acknowledged that there was a confrontation, but denies any wrongdoing or responsibility for the stab wound.

“I did not stab her,” Conyers III said. “That’s absolutely false. I’m not a violent person; that is not me. There was a verbal altercation and it escalated. I didn’t try to go grab a knife or do anything with a knife.”

He told CNN that the girlfriend pulled a knife on him, and she ended up getting cut in the struggle that followed.

Conyers III said he isn’t sure he would even want to replace his father, but hasn’t ruled out running in a special election. He's currently hedge fund manager in Detroit.

Another Conyers is sure he wants to run, however. Ian Conyers, the grandson of Conyers’ brother, told the New York Times he plans to run. Ian Conyers is a Michigan state senator.

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