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Hillary Clinton is available to take the place of your customary Christmas tree angel this year

Image source: TheBlaze

Since she's not busy being president, Hillary Clinton is wholly available to sit atop your Christmas tree this year. Or, her likeness is, anyway.

A British organization, Women to Look Up To, has created a line of suitable replacements for the traditional angel (or star) atop the Christmas tree, and Clinton made the list for production.

Others on the list include performer Beyoncé and tennis star Serena Williams.

The Britain-based organization is selling the substitute angels for $107, plus shipping to the U.S.

Are there more toppers on the way?

According to the organization's website, users can vote on the next tree topper to be released. Those currently available to vote on include former first lady Michelle Obama, Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai, American philanthropist Melinda Gates, actress Meryl Streep, attorney Amal Clooney, and singer Adele.

The organization's website also notes their inspiration behind the holiday line:

The Christmas Angel, Fairy, Tree Topper, by whatever name you call her, is a woman from a bygone era; a woman made of no more than plastic and glitter. No wonder, when the Victorians invented her!

The old dame was due a modern makeover, so we thought why not venerate the real women inspiring us in 2017. Women leading politics, culture, business, who are worthy of wings - the likes of Serena Williams, Beyoncé, and a woman voted for by you.

3D sculpted and printed from the highest grade 3D plaster in a range of sizes to suit your tree. These hand finished Angelic Women know how to steal the show in your home, at the Christmas Party, or in grand public spaces.

Women to Look Up To is a not-for-profit organization and aims to use profits to provide mentorship programs and open discussions between young, impressionable women and industry leaders.

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