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A youth team put racist names on its jerseys and got kicked out of its league

A youth basketball team in Ohio was kicked out of its league for offensive jerseys. (Image source: KDKA 2 video screenshot)

A youth basketball team in Ohio was kicked out of its league for racist and vulgar jerseys, and a school board member resigned over his son's participation on the team, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.

What did the jerseys say?

The Kings Rec Basketball 7-12 team played in the Cincinnati Premier Youth Basketball League for three weeks before the league kicked them out.

The Kings team went by the name “Wet Dream Team” and wore jerseys with the names “Coon” and “Knee Grow” on the back.

This was all an intentional effort, approved and executed by the adults in charge of the team and apparently allowed by numerous parents who would have also been aware.

The fallout

Finally, after opposing parents continued to complain about the team name and racist jerseys, the league took action.

“This isn’t a typo, this isn’t a mistake, these are ideas that were thought of, discussed, agreed upon by adults and kids alike, printed on uniforms…and no one thought this was a bad idea or inappropriate?” wrote one parent of an opposing player on Facebook.

The school district that the team’s players attend issued a statement:

“Today we became aware of inappropriate conduct from a team of students participating in a recreational basketball league that is not affiliated with the Kings Local School District. This team has been restricted from any further use of district facilities. Kings Local Schools strongly condemns any type of hateful and racist commentary. This behavior is in no way welcome or tolerated in our schools and community.”

Citing privacy laws, the district would not comment on any potential discipline of the students on the team.

A tearful resignation

Kerry McKiernan’s son was one of the players on the “Wet Dream Team.” McKiernan is a school board member at Kings Local Schools. He resigned Tuesday over the jersey scandal.

“I could have done more. I could have said more. So to whatever degree I can help the healing, I will,” McKiernan said during an emotional resignation speech at a school board meeting.

“My son is beautiful. And he is kind. He is loving, never been in trouble. Never hurt anybody,” McKiernan continued. “He is good to everybody. He is a beautiful kid. The reality that our family is associated with this is heartbreaking. It breaks my Christian heart.”

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