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Police: Topless woman kissed and bit Uber driver's tongue while her boyfriend attempted to rob him

Rayna Fillios, 22, distracted an Uber driver so that her boyfriend could rob him, police said in Harahan, Louisiana. The couple was arrested and charged with attempted armed robbery. (Image source: Time video screenshot)

Police arrested a Louisiana woman who they say kissed and bit an Uber driver's tongue, while she was topless, as a way of distracting him so her boyfriend could try to rob the man.

What's the story?

Before the alleged attempted robbery, the driver had picked up Rayna Fillios, 22, and ended up giving her his phone number.

Later, police said she called and invited the victim to her home, where her boyfriend, Anthony Kennedy, 24, waited for her to distract the Uber driver.

The victim knocked on the door, police said, and a topless Fillios opened the door. The two chatted for a few minutes, police said. The victim told police he thought she was "teasing him" so he tried to leave.

At that point, police said Fillios grabbed the man, pulled him into her "bare chest," started kissing him and bit his tongue.

As soon as Fillios let go of the victim, Kennedy allegedly pulled a knife and demanded the man's cash, according to the police report.

The victim refused to give Kennedy his money, so Kennedy hit the man and knocked out one of his teeth, according to the police report.

Kennedy fled, while Fillios stayed behind, and she told police that she was not involved.

With the help of Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Department canine unit, police found Kennedy in a shed behind his nearby home.

When he allegedly refused to surrender, police deployed the dogs.

Kennedy received treatment at a local hospital and was later transferred to the county jail.

What are the charges against the couple?

Authorities charged the couple with attempted armed robbery.

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