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Left-winger Paul Krugman calls GOP 'know-nothings' who are 'for bigotry and against education
Left-wing New York Times columnist Paul Krugman wrote that the Republican Party is full of "know-nothings" who are "increasingly for bigotry and against education." (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Left-winger Paul Krugman calls GOP 'know-nothings' who are 'for bigotry and against education

Left-wing New York Times columnist Paul Krugman — who tweeted last January that President Donald Trump "was obviously mentally ill the moment he took office" — has added to his anti-conservative resume by writing that the Republican Party is full of "know-nothings."

In his Times op-ed published Monday, Krugman wrote that the GOP is trying very hard to "undermine the very foundations of American greatness" and that the "range of issues on which conservatives insist that the facts have a well-known liberal bias just keeps widening."

More from Krugman's piece:

One result of this embrace of ignorance is a remarkable estrangement between modern conservatives and highly educated Americans, especially but not only college faculty. The right insists that the scarcity of self-identified conservatives in the academy is evidence of discrimination against their views, of political correctness run wild.

Yet conservative professors are rare even in hard sciences like physics and biology, and it’s not difficult to see why. When the more or less official position of your party is that climate change is a hoax and evolution never happened, you won’t get much support from people who take evidence seriously.

Krugman also seemed shocked that "a clear majority of Republicans now say that colleges and universities have a negative effect on America."

"So the party that currently controls all three branches of the federal government is increasingly for bigotry and against education," he noted in his op-ed. "That should disturb you for multiple reasons, one of which is that the G.O.P. has rejected the very values that made America great."

Krugman added that he has "no idea" if "our modern know-nothings" will "prevail" — but "if they do, they won’t make America great again — they’ll kill the very things that made it great."

What else has Krugman stated?

  • White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders last month awarded the “worst prediction for the year” prize to Krugman for saying Trump’s presidency would sink the American economy to such a low point that it would never recover.
  • Krugman slammed Trump in September after it was reported that cholera emerged in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Krugman issued a correction after reports were found to be false, although his original tweet slamming Trump garnered over 32,500 likes and over 14,600 retweets.
  • He suggested on Twitter in December 2016 that Trump will intentionally allow terrorists to attack Americans during his presidency, arguing that he has “incentives” to do so.
  • Krugman also argued before the 2016 election that "sexual predation" exists exclusively in the GOP but cited only three examples.

Here's Krugman saying Trump can't take credit for the soaring economy:

(H/T: Truth Revolt)

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