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Twitter lights up with 'conspiracy theories' after Sean Hannity's account disappears

Fox News host Sean Hannity had his Twitter account disappear for several hours following a cryptic tweet.

Twitter was buzzing with "conspiracy theories" Saturday after Fox News host Sean Hannity's account was unavailable for several hours, according to the Associated Press.

The account vanished after Hannity's account posted a message that read “Form Submission 1649.” No other information was offered about what the tweet meant.

Shortly after the tweet, visitors to Hannity's page received the “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist” error message, AP reported.

Fox News referred questions about the tweet to Twitter.

“While we normally do not discuss individual accounts, for privacy and security reasons, we have permission from the account owner to confirm that account was briefly compromised,” a Twitter spokesperson said in an email.

Twitter offered no additional information.

What are people saying?

Later in the morning, Hannity's account was restored. Still, people were left with questions about what happened.

Some speculated that the "deep state" wanted to take down Hannity because he is a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump.

After the account was back up, there was still no explanation for the tweet.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was among those who noted Hannity's account had “mysteriously" disappeared.

Has this happened before?

Other theories suggested that a Twitter employee decided to leverage their power and take down the account. That's what supposedly happened when Trump's Twitter account was disabled for 11 minutes in November. In that case, Twitter released a statement saying a customer support worker finishing their last day on the job took down Trump's account before leaving. Twitter also said it was working to prevent a similar scenario from happening in the future.

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