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WikiLeaks founder messaged someone pretending to be Sean Hannity - here's what he said

WikiLeaks founder messaged someone pretending to be Sean Hannity - here's what he said

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange attempted to message Fox News' Sean Hannity over his Twitter account, but instead got duped into interacting with an imposter impersonating Hannity on social media.

How did it happen?

Sean Hannity's Twitter account was mysteriously deactivated for a time - it was later reported that he had been hacked. In the meantime, several impersonators popped up online claiming to be his replacement account.

It was during that time that Assange messaged one impersonator.

Here's what he said:

According to screenshots of the conversation at the Daily Beast, Assange told the Hannity impersonator that he had information about "Warner" that he wanted to provide the Fox News host via "other channels."

“I can’t believe this is happening. I mean...I can. It’s crazy. Nothing can be put past people,” said the Hannity impersonator in response to Assange's message. “I’m exhausted from the whole night. What about you, though? You doing ok?”

“I’m happy as long as there is a fight!” Assange replied.

Hannity's impersonator scheduled a phone call to speak to Assange.

“You can send me messages on other channels,” said Assange. “Have some news about Warner.”

"Warner" could be referring to Senator Mark Warner (D-Va.), the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee. The committee is investigating allegations of Russian interference in the presidential election in 2016.

Senator Warner responded to the report through a spokesperson saying, “Give me a break. WikiLeaks is a non-state hostile intelligence service with longstanding ties to the Russian government and Russian intelligence.”

Who was the imposter?

The Hannity imposter was a technical writer in Texas who says she was bored when she began the account. “I felt bad. He really thought he was talking to Sean Hannity,” she said, referring to Assange.

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