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What did Americans think about Trump's State of the Union? A poll has answers

President Trump's State of the Union speech received high marks in a CBS snap poll of speech watchers. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Many lauded the State of the Union speech from President Trump while some in the media were decidedly negative - but a snap poll showed what Americans thought.

Here's what the poll said about Trump's SOTU speech:

CBS's snap poll found that an astoundingly high number of Americans who watched the speech approved of it - three quarters, or 75 percent.

When broken down by party affiliation, the speech got very high marks from Republicans, lower marks from Democrats, but importantly, got high marks from those calling themselves Independents.

On the issues...

When asked about specific issues the president spoke about, speech viewers were very positive.

Three quarters of speech watchers said they approved of his comments on national security, while a whopping 91 percent approved with what he said about infrastructure spending.

Was the speech unifying?

Among those who watched the speech, the vast majority said that the speech was more unifying than it was dividing.

Anthony Salvanto, the CBS News Elections and Surveys Director, pointed out that many more Republicans were watching the speech than Democrats, which skew the results somewhat.

Did the speech change minds?

According to the polling, the number of people who were persuaded that Trump improved the economy improved slightly from before the speech to after the speech.

Overall, even when taking into account the difference between partisans watching the speech, it appears that many more Americans approved of Trump's State of the Union than those that disapproved.

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