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Democrats are 'dead broke' after poor 2017 fundraising — but the same can't be said for Republicans

The DNC is "dead broke" after very poor fundraising in 2017. (Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

Many political experts believe Democrats will experience a resurgence in the 2018 midterm elections. But if the Democratic National Committee doesn't get its act together soon, candidates will have no money to run with.

What's going on?

The DNC, which was plagued by a number of struggles in 2017, including leadership tensions and multiple political scandals, is "dead broke," according to recent financial disclosures.

The numbers show:

  • In last reporting period of 2017, the DNC received $5.21 million, while spending $4.98 million.
  • At the close of 2017, the DNC had $6.53 million in cash on hand, while having $6.1 million in debt. Overall, subtracting debts, the DNC is working with just $422,582.
  • In total, the DNC raised $65.5 million in 2017, but spent $69.9 million.

The Intercept's Ryan Grim noted on Twitter last week the DNC is in such poor financial health that the organization currently has to borrow money to make payroll and can't afford to pay its rent. The DNC refuted this, but Grim explained the party would be operating in the red if it wasn't borrowing to meet its basic needs.

The DNC tried to play-down the very poor financial situation by claiming 2017 was still a better than expected non-election fundraising year.

Still, the GOP, led by President Donald Trump, massively outpaced the DNC.

How did Republicans do?

  • They raised $11.1 million in the final 2017 reporting period, while spending $12.1 million.
  • At the close of 2017, the party had $38.8 million cash on hand and $0 in debt.

Overall, as the primary and general election season begins to heat-up later this year, Republicans appear to be in a great position to keep control of Congress.

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