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Breaking: Top Department of Justice official resigning - here's why

The New York Times reported that Rachel Brand was resigning as Assistant Attorney General to accept a position at Walmart. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Rachel Brand, the Assistant Attorney General for the Trump administration, is stepping down from her position to accept a "dream job" in the corporate world.

From White House to Walmart

The New York Times was the first to report on the pending resignation. Brand has only served in the position for nine months.

Fox News' Jake Gibson reported that Brand was not looking to leave the administration, but that she was approached by a Fortune 500 company with a "dream job" opportunity. Other outlets reported that she will be joining the Walmart corporation.

A Department of Justice official told Fox News that Principal Deputy Associate AG Jesse Panuccio would be taking over her position.

Why is this important?

Brand would have overseen special counsel Robert Mueller's investigations into Russian election interference and alleged collusion with the Trump campaign if the president fires Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, as many are expecting.

CNN political analyst Eliana Johnson described the administration as being in a "state of crisis" over the news of Brand's impending resignation.

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