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Illegal alien cop killer found guilty in slayings; now faces death penalty

Image source: TheBlaze

Luis Enriquez Bracamontes, an illegal immigrant accused of killing two California deputies in 2014, was found guilty of their killings on Friday in Sacramento Superior Court.

What's the background?

Bracamontes, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, shot and killed Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Davis Jr. in 2014.

Bracamontes, who was deported from the U.S. multiple times on drug-related charges, carjacked several people during a day of mayhem in October 2014 and killed two officers during his attempt to flee.

When Oliver approached Bracamontes' suspect vehicle — which was parked in the parking lot of a Motel 6 — Bracamontes fired a round into Oliver's head, killing him. During his flight from authority, Bracamontes ran over Oliver's lifeless body in an attempt to get away.

Bracamontes and his wife fled to a nearby neighborhood and attempted to carjack a man. When the man resisted, Bracamontes reportedly shot the man five times, three of which were in the face. The man miraculously survived his injuries.

After carjacking several more vehicles, Bracamontes and his wife faced off with authorities, injuring several of them and killing Davis.

Bracamontes fled once again, barricading himself in a nearby home and opening up the stove's gas valves in what appeared to be a suicide bid.

Before he could follow through with killing himself, Bracamontes surrendered to law enforcement, pleading with them not to kill him.

What happened in court?

After about five hours of deliberation, a jury on Friday found Bracamontes guilty in the officers' murders.

The Sacramento Bee reported that Bracamontes was found guilty on what would have been Oliver's 51st birthday.

Bracamontes quietly said, "Yay," as the verdict was read, and later blew kisses to the victims' families.

As he was being ushered out of the courtroom, Bracamontes promised that he would kill more law enforcement officers in coming days.

"I’m going to kill more cops soon," he said.

What else?

This isn't the first time Bracamontes has acted erratically inside the courtroom.

Bracamontes, in a January court appearance, laughed about slaying the officers, noting that he'd wished he'd killed more of them during his crime spree.

"I don’t regret that s**t," Bracamontes laughed, grinning at the jury. "Only thing that I f***ing regret is that I just killed two. I wish I had killed more of the motherf***ers."

Bracamontes warned the court that he'd break out of jail soon, and kill more officers.

"I will break out soon and I will kill more, kill whoever f***ing gets in front of me," he added. "There’s no need for a f***ing trial."

Fox News on Saturday reported that prosecutors will seek the death penalty for Bracamontes' crimes.

Bracamontes was found guilty on 15 different charges, which, aside from the murder charges, include attempted murder, gun charges, and carjacking.

The sentencing portion of Bracamontes' trial begins March 5.

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