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Piers Morgan says Florida shooting 'ends arm teachers bulls**t' — then Katie Pavlich hits back hard

Katie Pavlich hits Piers Morgan with a reality check after he claims Florida shooting bolsters his anti-gun beliefs. (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Conservative commentator Katie Pavlich hit Piers Morgan with a massive reality check Friday after the liberal commentator alleged his theory about the "good guy with a gun" was proved correct in the tragic Florida shooting.

What happened?

The gun debate has raged on since the tragic shooting on Feb. 14. Many Americans, including outspoken students nationwide, have placed blame for the tragedy on guns. They say legislators need to enact more firearm regulations. Meanwhile, Second Amendment advocates say guns aren't the problem, while others argue putting concealed weapons in the hands of responsible, highly trained teachers will thwart the next mass shooting.

But with news that the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school resource officer — and three other Broward County sheriff deputies — failed to engage the shooter and only took cover outside, Morgan said his theory that "good guys with guns" don't actually stop an active shooter.

Indeed, in the wake of the news that there were a number of armed police officers outside the school who failed to act, many have claimed that proves gun control is needed to prevent the next shooting — not more guns and especially not more guns on school campuses.

But others have noted the countless mistakes made by law enforcement in the months leading up to the shooting. They argue the fact that law enforcement seemingly botched thwarting the attack proves Americans should not entrust the government with their protection.

How did Pavlich respond?

She made that exact point in response to Morgan.

"[Actually it] proves the opposite. The deputies aren’t required by law to engage or protect individuals from harm and just proved government won’t always protect your life. When evil comes to your door, you are the last defense, especially in the classroom," she explained.

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