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After noticing a home on fire, three college students saved an 90-year-old man's life

Three Rutgers University Camden students rescued a 90-year-old man from a burning home. But the three students weren't able to get to the man's 62-year-old son in time. (Image source: KYW-TV video screenshot)

The heroic reaction of three New Jersey college students saved the life of a 90-year-old man trapped in a fire, KYW-TV reports.

What happened?

Jonathan Perez-Gaytan, Matteo Resanovic  and Corey Zytko were playing video games over the weekend when they heard and saw that a home across the street was on fire.

The three Rutgers University Camden students ran across the street just after midnight Friday, and Resanovic broke the front door window with his elbow to get inside.

They made it up to the second floor and were able to get the man out, when he then told them his son, 62-year-old John Parker, was still in the building.

Parker was on the third floor of the building, but the students weren't able to get to him in time.

“I saw that the room that was on fire was just engulfed,” Resanovic said. “Made a decision not to open it up because I didn’t want the fire to spread even faster.”

Tragic aftermath

Resanovic told KYW that the move to break into the burning house was more reflex than anything.

“I wasn’t really thinking, just the feet moved,” Resanovic said.

“I like our community, our neighborhood,” Perez-Gaytan said. “Just trying to keep it safe and do the right thing.”

Despite their success in rescuing the father, they still feel for him knowing he lost his son in the fire.

“I’m sorry for his loss,” Resanovic said. “That’s all I can say.”

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